It’s not a surprising fact that women like guys who ride motorbikes. But, in the Indian context, women tend to admire these free spirits from a distance; what about a date with a biker? A relationship? Are Indian women really ready for it? It’s obvious that women are skeptical about dating a biker. Well, this write-up may break some stereotypes and help you understand why and how bikers can make amazing boyfriends.

  1. 1 He Breaks the Stereotypes not the Law


    They do not break the law nor do they break hearts. Watch them on a high-way riding away with their fellow-men and you will know their dedication to the lanes, order, rules, and roads. They do not like rules that judge a person by their color, height, weight or ethnicity. You share their love of bikes or you respect their motorcycle, then you are a part of their tribe. They will hold on to you for eternity.

  2. 2 No Boredom. I Bet You


    Their great sense of adventure will always have them on their toes. These guys love to ride even when it is rainy or snowy or foggy.  (I still doubt how they can ride when you can't even see the road) 

    They will keep hitting the roads on and off. If not for a long trip, at least a quick ride to a nearby scenic location will be on the cards. And, they ensure that they make the most of every moment. Moreover, they enjoy the little things that come their way. And they sure love selfies and photography (most do). Their thoughts and actions are always about trying new things and making good time. Ultimately, you can rest assured that life never gets boring with a guy that loves to travel and explore.

  3. 3 Bikers are Great at Planning.


    Yeah, you read that right! These guys are experts when it comes to managing their finances or planning the rides. As they need money for their bike’s maintenance & upgrades and plan tours every season, they gotta constantly save money. This quality is a great plus if you are planning a long-term relationship. Be informed, most of the bikers are graduates and corporate professionals too!

  4. 4 Bikers are Highly Adaptable.


    When plans get canceled or postponed, they won’t worry themselves and you. Bikers have the ability to just go with the flow. 

    Having had the experience of being strangled with broken clutches, dead batteries, flat tyres, or a broken bone, they are used to dealing with problems patiently and getting on with it. On the whole, they are pretty comfortable being uncomfortable. So, you don’t have to be worried about keeping them in a comfort zone round the clock.

  5. 5 Bikers are Not Clingy.


    Well, yes. You will see that as you date a biker, you will not have the pressure of texting him every hour about where you are, what you ate and what’s happening around you. It’s probably because he is either busy riding or working his fingers to the bone to earn for the next road trip or bike upgrade. This gives you ample personal space to chase your dreams and have your own independent lives within a relationship. And, isn’t it this independence what a truly modern woman asks for?

  6. 6 Bikers are Just Romantic. Be Ready For It.


    When you date with a biker, you can experience some kick-ass romance outdoors: on the go, in the open meadows, at the riverside, gazing at the stars, when sheltering under the trees during a rain, …..endless possibilities. 

    He will break the stereotype of getting you a bouquet from the shop on special occasions. Instead, he will create his own bouquet of wildflowers and stun you in the middle of the woods! (It was a joke tbh, well let me know if you any such experiences in the comment)

    Besides jokes, the gifts you get from a biker will not be the same you get from an ordinary guy. Get ready for the surprises. He will plan to give you more and more amazing experiences you will cherish for a lifetime rather than materialistic possessions the value of which fade sooner. Now, would you dare to miss these super cool romantic episodes in your life?

  7. 7 Are You Ready for the Surprises?


    A biker will eventually change the way you live your life. The passion, freedom, generosity, and trust this person is going to bring into your life will completely change the way you look at life. You are sure to be inspired by a lot of new possibilities and you’ll open up to give and receive more and more love and attention.

    I just hope that dating a biker or planning to go on a relationship with a biker might not scare you anymore. Still, you might be thrilled to date a biker, which itself feels much more like love!

    Psst.. hey one important thing to note if you planning to date one. Don’t mess with his motorcycle or ask him to shave his beard. Both gonna backfire. Trust me!


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Charlotte Yourey
I am an award-winning blogger, having my works published in the world’s top magazines. Ooops…sorry. That's content for my future bio. For now, I am a simple, independent, romantic, soft-hearted woman that connects with like-minded people, finds joy in the little things this world has in store, loves deep conversations, and isn’t into anything that lacks a ‘soul’. Though I studied Bioinformatics, I find coding human emotions and behavior more interesting. I love writing content that you could relate to easily. Visiting new places and exploring varied lifestyles is my passion. Well, I just hope you enjoy reading my blogs. You can show your anger and humiliations in the comment section of my articles. Go for it!!


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